About White Cross Dental Clinic | Dentist New Lynn

Reduced dental clinic costs. No-pain options available. 
Very skilled dentists. Friendly and caring staff. High respect for all cultures.

In a hurry? Call us now on 820-4443. We will do everything in our power to see you today – or at a time that suits you.

It’s about you-not us: The title of this page is “About Us”. But if we’re doing our job well, it should be “About You” – because in the end that’s what it’s all about. Around 80% of clients have come to us because someone else recommended White Cross dental clinic.

If we want you to recommend this dental clinic, we have to truly earn your trust. To earn your trust, these are some of the things we look to pay attention to.

Reduced dental care costs: Many clients of White Cross Dental Clinic are on modest incomes. So costs are important to them – and we are ever conscious of this. However compromising the quality of the service provided is not an option. So we keep our prices down by eliminating any unnecessary overheads.

When you visit our dental clinic we don’t have thick expensive carpet in the waiting room. But you will see that we have invested in high quality equipment and technology to give you the very best service. {photo of 180 degree x-ray machine.}

Highly skilled dentists: White Cross Dental Clinic at New Lynn is recognised for its dental emergency service. So even if you are coming to us for a simple dental check-up, you are in very capable hands. The dentist looking after you is highly skilled and very experienced.

Friendly and caring staff: For some, a visit to the dentist can be a nervous experience. Our team understand this and are there to help put you are ease. We want to do everything we can to make coming to a dental clinic a rewarding experience.

Gain without pain: The White Cross Dental Clinic team, have a special focus in this area. We keep right up to date with techniques, technology and sedation developments. Training is always ongoing. To promise absolutely no pain, in all situations, could be misleading you. What we can promise is to perform most regular dental work with little or only mild discomfort. And if you’re sensitive to pain, we have sedation procedures that virtually eliminate pain.

Telephone: If you telephone White Cross Dental Clinic, and if we’re doing our job properly, we should listen to you carefully and provide the information you need. And we should talk to you in plain simple words – and not in complicated dentist speak.

Location: If you’re coming to us by car, taxi or bus, we’re nice an easy to find at 2140 Great North Road – half way between New Lynn and Avondale. Our White Cross Dental Clinic signage makes it easy to find.

Parking: We have 21 off street parking bays that are located at the front, side and rear of White Cross Dental Clinic.

Dual entrances: Depending on where you park, you can access the reception area via the front or rear of the dental clinic building.

Reception: This is where we want to give you our best personal greeting. Our office may not be flashest in Auckland, but we can guarantee you a very warm welcome to the dental clinic and the team that runs it.

Multiculturalism: Auckland is now a truly multi-culture community. And every nationality adds to the fabric of our colourful Auckland culture. So if you’re looking for a dental clinic or dental surgery that respects your culture, we invite you to put us to the test. You be the judge.

About the boss man: Graeme Christie

Graeme is the epitome of a very friendly and truly professional dentist.

From 1991 to 1995, Graeme studied, trained and qualified at Otago University. He then started his practical experience as a dental clinic house surgeon at Auckland Hospital. Here he gained valuable knowledge and experience with people with severe medical problems that complicate dentistry. This experience and knowledge make Graeme very qualified to be the leader of a White Cross emergency dental clinic.

Graeme’s next 12 years were in the private sector, both in New Zealand and the UK. Her he gained a wide range of practical experience in delivering quality dental services to a wide range of people. And doing it at affordable prices.

This was also the period that Graeme became closely involved with the White Cross group of dental clinics and dental emergency services. He liked the culture, ethics and standards of White Cross Dental so much, that he set himself a big goal. The goal was to own his own White Cross dental emergency and family dental clinic.

In February 2007 Graeme’s big goal became a reality. Seven years on, and Graeme is still passionate with being in the profession of providing high quality dentistry at affordable prices.